What’s your passion? Do what you Love.

My life revolves around retail and any instance, experience, circumstances I go through I relate to retail. As a retailer, do you enjoy what you do? What’s your passion towards your retailing business? Are you there for financial gain, or is it a calling. If as a retailer you enter the market with key objective to make money then few things will happen;

  • You make that money but you tend to divert the same to other money making ventures. This of course might work against your retail business. I know of retailers who are now diverting their retail proceeds to estates, farming…They can’t handle the pressures of retail.
  • If something happens maybe effects of macro Economics and you don’t make much money, such a retailer might end up closing or selling off their businesses. Examples of such are many.

However, for those who are passionate about the retail business whatever the circumstances they go through, they stick, puddle through and eventually make it. Same case applies to all other professions and or occupations. We have examples of pastors who are money driven and not a calling. What happens to them…we all know.

My point is whatever we engage on, in our day to day lives depends on whether were are passionate about it. Generally most people engage on activities for financial gain. But this is not the end….Money is not everything. Back to those who are in employment, if your job is purely based on the salary or financial gain, then your employment will soon come to an end. If it’s your passion, however little it pays, you might/ will stick there for a longer time boy.

Are you passionate about what you do?

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