Sales Analysis

Comprehensive Sales Solutions for your business

We are driven by your to achieve your sales goals month after month, and that’s why guesswork and intuition aren’t our best friends (hence it is vital to perform a strategic sales analysis). You need cold hard data, and your sales CRM must obtain all important information on the sales closed by your team.

To improve your sales effectiveness and make informed data-backed decisions, you need to conduct sales analysis regularly.

Sales analysis is collecting your data to evaluate the performance of your sales team against targets. This in return helps you acquire vital insights about the top performing, and the underperforming products, the challenges in selling and marketing opportunities, sales forecasting, and sales activities that generate revenue.

With regular sales data analysis, you gain insights on the products that your customers buy and helps you to understand the reason as to why they are behaving in a specific way. Lead conversion and drop offs will also provide you with patterns. All these aspects enable you to optimize your sales process.

With Retail Worth’s intelligent sales CRM, you get actionable reports on essential sales KPIs. Such continuous sales analysis helps in iterating your strategy so that you can continue growing your business sustainably.

Work with a global leader in customer insights

We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.

Know your demographics

Understand age and gender to target experience to demographic preferences

Increase conversion & interest

With clearly defined demographic profiles to tailor retail services and refine product offerings


Target timely marketing messages to different shopper profiles to increase ROI


Effectively plan workforce productivity and identify shoppers that call on shop assistants for service