It’s Marathon in the Kenyan Retail Industry

On Saturday we had Church inter presbytery games at Kasarani. Me being the who I am decided to give a try on the 100 Meters competition. I did well as I managed to be number 4 in the category of my age (…am still young). This made me think that by virtue of being that number…maybe…just maybe I can try the 800 Meters race for the same race. To my surprise I was the last person in the race, this was due to 2 factors….some ran fast and of course left others behind, Others who were behind me pulled out of the race and so I was the last man running…Since that day….am doing daily morning jogs covering 7 Kilometers.

My retail background kept me thinking how my case is replicated in the Kenyan retail industry. Some supermarkets have existed for long enough and still they are making their returns. Others just came into the industry the other day and are pulling out. Others have joined the industry and they are expanding like wild fire. If someone may ask, how and why would a supermarket decide to operate with just one outlet and another retailer decides to be in all the Kenyan counties. Is it a matter of strategic priorities?

With entrant of global retail giants in the Kenyan market, the local retailers have just to find a way of fighting off the competition. This calls for a critical strategic thinking. Retailing can never be the same again. You either fight for your market share or we forget the brand name in the Kenyan industry. Like my morning jogs, retailers will have to engage their gear.

Business continuity calls for a continuous performance reviews. This is the only way you can gauge if you are meeting your bottom line. There’s also need to benchmark against the industry players. There’s need for continuous re-evaluation and business development. Retail Sales is a marathon, not a sprint…but you still have to keep your eyes on the first position and want to get up every morning on the run.

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