In-Store Customer Experience

Deep insights into your customer profile

From measuring the effectiveness of in-store promotions, to finding out why people walk out the door empty-handed, facial profiling provides insights that might otherwise be captured by labor-intensive focus groups and customer surveys.

As we help you you keep track of all foot-traffic, we also help you understand common behaviors of your customers in store. Giving people a reason to visit, or monitor the impact of marketing campaigns and new product displays, whichever your goal is, Retail Worth customer behavior analytics will help you make better operational decisions that will increase your retail performance.

We will develop strategies that engage your customers at every stage through unveiling what motivates them, to help deliver effective customer experience, and demystify the path to purchase.

The data Retail Worth captures, support strategies and operational decision making, including store concepts and resourcing. It also helps evaluate whether shoppers are going to respond positively to digital displays, zoning, merchandising and in-store signage before you put your finances in them.

Through traffic data analytics and demographic data combination, you will be able to evaluate and know who are your customers, identify different segments and target them with the appropriate message.

When you understand how your customers move around the store, you can increase the dwell-times and conversions through activating the right touchpoints. That is why leading retailers all over Kenya trust our data in making faster and informed operational decisions, from store concepts to marketing initiatives.  

Work with a global leader in customer insights

We have been at the forefront of the retail monitoring technology sector for more than 30 years. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.

Know your demographics

Understand age and gender to target experience to demographic preferences

Increase conversion & interest

With clearly defined demographic profiles to tailor retail services and refine product offerings


Target timely marketing messages to different shopper profiles to increase ROI


Effectively plan workforce productivity and identify shoppers that call on shop assistants for service