What Can Retail Worth do for you?

At Retail Worth LTD, we focus on delivering improved business performance. We work with all consumer facing businesses and their suppliers and also provide guidance to investment opportunities.

Ours, is a partnership, hence working side by side with our clients on consulting projects as well as interim assignments. Our flexibility offers us to work on single project basis, as retained advisors or as an executive member of your team.

We are not a conventional consultancy or agency who charge large fees and then walk away. We think big, linking our fees to your success. We want to create game changing retail business that works Long-term

Need Analysis

This service includes reviewing your operations, provide a letter of weaknesses and recommendations, helping you create a “Brand”, reviewing company reporting structures and give recommendations.

Retail Worth Seminar


This involves reviewing suppliers market support, providing merchandisers/ merchandising services and gathering market intelligence

Data Analytics

The process beings by reviewing your organizational performance. This helps us create performance dashboards, assist in budgeting, target setting and Projections. Lastly we are able to review and analyze competitor trends and advise.

Human Resourcing

From Outsourcing to Employee review, appraisals and Competency Checks. We also create Job Descriptions and conduct interviews as well as Unit/ Branch Management

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Retail Projects could be complicated

They are made easier at Retail Worth

Technology has really changed the retail industry. Everyone is wondering how to approach the impact of technology on their businesses. Every aspect of retail is affected by technology, from supply-chain to in-store operations to customer touchpoints. Work with us today in transforming your business to drive competitive upper-hand.

Retail Worth Company Services

Company Fixed Assets Management

This involves undertaking an asset verification, assets tagging and updating of fixed assets register.

Inventory Management

Align your inventory to sales movement. Manage your Inventory mix/ SKUs and master data Review suppliers terms and JBPs to company advantage Shrinkage and pilferages controls Expiries and damages controls.

Company Policies & Processes

Formulate company policies Operationalize business processes Create more avenues for Non-Trading Incomes. Review of IT system to enhance efficiency. Revenue assurance and reporting.

What We Offer

In Store Customer Experience

As we help you keep track of all foot-traffic, we will also help you understand common behaviors of your customers in store. Giving people a reason to visit, or monitoring the impact of your marketing campaigns and new product displays, whichever your goal is, Retail Worth customer behavior analytics will help you make better operational decisions that will increase your retail performance.

Sales Analytics

We are driven by your need to achieve your sales goals week after week, and that is why guesswork and intuition aren’t our anything we consider (hence it is vital to perform a strategic sales analysis). You need cold hard data, and your sales CRM  must obtain all important information on the sales closed by your team.

To improve your sales effectiveness and make informed data-backed decisions, you need to conduct sales analysis regularly for your business

Conversion & Dwell Time

In the competitive world of retail, a lot of effort, time and finances are required to put your business om the map. It is therefore imperative to focus more on increasing retail conversion rates. With online sales conversion being the trend lately, Retail Worth has designed strategies which will elevate your brick and mortar retail conversions. We pay attention to small details such as shelving and store organization to creating bigger adjustments in customer experience . 

Data Analytics/Capture

We are aware of how much customer loyalty and customer retention is of value to retailers. Retail Worth will improve your data capture cycle and provide a fast turn-around, which will then allow you to pay more attention on the next step in your customer journey.

Our strategies present a wealth of benefits to your retail business through saving time and revenues which is highly valuable.

We’re trusted by businesses across the Eastern Africa Region to provide tools, analytics and insights that address their challenges

As one of the Africa’s leading retail analytics and insights companies, we work with you to deliver tailored solutions in line with your goals and resources.